Kent Corporation

About Us

Founded in 1958, The Kent Corporation was granted the first patents for adjustable steel shelving in the United States and Europe… now continuing to lead the industry in innovation and quality.

Strength . . . Durability . . . Ease of Instillation . . . Versatility . . . are all synonymous with the reputation that has spread wherever Kent Products are in use. With the complexity of retail merchandising in today’s market industry your display shelving from Kent Corporation gives your products maximum advantages.

Whatever the product line . . . Grocery, Convenience, Hardware, Automotive, Wine & Liquor, Pharmacy, or Pet . . . Kent shelving combined with its competitive pricing, and high quality workmanship mean savings to you.

Grocery Convenience Hardware
Automotive Wine and Liquor Pharmacy
  • Designer of Store Fixtures manufactured in the USA and sold around the world
    Kent Shelving Alabama 35217GroceryConvenienceSpecialty

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